Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

Environmental & Green Initiatives

We recognise the importance of keeping the adverse effects of our business on the environment to a minimum.

The focus of our environmental policy is to measure, manage and reduce the environmental impact of our activities and we are committed to educating and encouraging our employees to prioritise environmental issues and to consider the effects of their activities.

In order to achieve this objective we have implemented the following practices:

  • To encourage employees to minimise printing and reduce our dependence on paper
  • To conserve energy through efficient use, purchasing choices and power saving systems. Simple routines have been tightened to ensure heaters, computers and lights are switched off overnight and at weekends
  • To reduce consumption and encourage the recycling / reuse of material where possible and to promote the recently introduced recycling facilities at Lincoln's Inn
  • To seek out suppliers who offer environmentally friendly alternatives or who operate environmentally friendly policies
  • To encourage the use of public transport and cycle use by offering season ticket loans and introducing the Cycle to Work scheme for employees
  • To encourage employees to recycle Christmas cards by providing a facility to do so
  • To donate and reuse our old computers where possible
  • To work together with Lincoln's Inn to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental footprint of the offices and the Inn as a whole.