Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

22 September 2015

Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation

In September 2014, the charity ran Bart's Bash and set a Guinness World record for the greatest number of people competing in a sailing event on one day. Over 30,000 took part from 37 countries and raised over £300,000 for the charity which enabled it to make 20 national and international grants to encourage youth into sailing.

The event was repeated on Sunday 20 September 2015, albeit not seeking another record! On this occasion, no less than 468 clubs from 62 countries signed up to compete and Richard Butcher, who is Chairman of the Trustees, spoke about the charity at the pre-race briefing at Queen Mary Sailing Club in Ashford, Middlesex. The aim was for sailors to bring a relative or friend who had not sailed before to introduce them to the joys of sailing and to help raise funds.

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