Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

21 February 2020

Coram’s Fields Employability Project - Thank You to Payne Hicks Beach for mentoring and making a difference

As one of the firm's charities, Payne Hicks Beach supports the Coram’s Fields Employability Scheme and our lawyers provide their time to this worthwhile free law mentorship programme and, in particular, one that focuses on working with girls and young women growing up in poverty. As well as focusing on building trust, facilitating empowerment and understanding individual circumstances the programme supports the young women to excel in education, employment and training despite the challenges they may face. 

The mentoring programme is such a rewarding programme for our lawyers to see their mentees grow over the years and one we, as a firm, are very proud to be part of and continue to support.  It is heartwarming to hear from the mentees and how they feel feel the scheme has helped them. Coram's has shared with us the thoughts of one particular young woman who has taken part in the scheme and is now at university studying law - achieving her ambition right now and looking forward to the future when she will be able to achieve what she probably thought was unachievable. 

We are immensely proud of our lawyers who support the Coram’s Fields Employability Scheme and wish all the mentees ever success on their journey whilst we will continue to support them along the way.  

A "Thank You" for making a difference from Coram's Fields

Recently, eight young women who took part in our free law mentorship programme, in partnership with Edwin Coe and Payne Hicks Beach, have now progressed to study law at university. We are incredibly proud of these young women, and we know their future is bright.

A* (18) shares the difference it has meant to her:

“The programme is going very well for me, I had the opportunity to have a one-day work experience at Payne Hicks Beach. I had an eventful day where I got to complete various tasks such as working with a shareholder agreement and understanding the legal boundaries of that situation. I was also able to meet with other various lawyers and trainees from my mentor's department and get to know the firm better. Additionally, I was able to visit and be given a tour of the courts near the firm. Therefore, this program is amazing at enriching my understanding of the legal field as well as guiding me through my journey.

I am beyond grateful for this programme and support, because of its opportunities and exposure to a law-based career. I am also very excited for what's to come. I am also very happy to have gotten into my firm university- Queen Mary of London - and be able to study law." A* (18)

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