Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

19 February 2014

The EMCT: The BT Tower - 7 May 2014

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is our chosen national charity. Richard Butcher has been a Trustee for a long while and the charity specialises in taking young persons suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses on sailing trips so as to give them fun and to seek to restore their confidence. The results are truly impressive.

For the last three years the EMCT has held an annual event at BT Tower. Because BT covers all the costs the ticket sales are for the immediate benefit of the young persons.  The breakfast starts at 8.00 am with a short Q&A with Dame Ellen MacArthur.  It is normally over by 9.30 am and so does not unduly interfere with a working day. The ticket price is £70 per person.

There will be a dinner in the evening hosted by Dame Ellen and Gavin Patterson, the CEO of BT. This includes a champagne reception, a three course dinner, a short auction and evening entertainment. The price for the dinner is £2,000 for a table of 10 and there is only one table that has yet to be sold.

The Tower revolves (at a reasonably gentle speed) both during the breakfast and dinner.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable event and the views are spectacular. We will be supporting this event but if you would like to purchase tickets or receive further please contact Richard Butcher ( who can forward to you a brochure about the day.



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