Payne Hicks Beach
Payne Hicks Beach

Ukraine Russia Crisis: Information hub

With the worsening situation in Ukraine, we recognise the need for an easy to access resource of information for those affected by the crisis. 

Whether you are a Ukrainian national in the UK and have concerns about your family or business interests, a British national resident in Ukraine, someone whose business interests may be affected by sanctions or simply seeking to leave the country we recognise that this is a time of great concern for you.   

Please find below a selection of helpful articles and resources which we trust will be of assistance.

Leaving Ukraine

Family Concerns

Business and Economic Impacts

Helpful Links

UK Government Advice
Support for family members of British nationals in Ukraine, and Ukrainian nationals in Ukraine and the UK

Ukraine Advice Project UK
Free UK immigration advice for people fleeing Ukraine

UK Visa Application Centre in Kyiv
Information about the UK Visa Application Centre in Kyiv, which is currently closed due to the emergency situation.

BBC News
Up to the minute news coverage

When issues arise, whether as a result of economic or political forces in your country of origin or whilst in the UK, we are highly experienced and adept at handling immigration needs at short notice including applications for political asylum, immigration appeals and judicial review applications. See our Citizenship & Immigration services for further information.