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Payne Hicks Beach

20 July 2022

Catherine Costley talks to Spear’s about what it takes to be a top “Modern Family” lawyer

The latest edition of Spear’s Magazine interviewed top London divorce solicitor Catherine Costley at Payne Hicks Beach as part of its article featuring the up and coming and established “Modern Family” lawyers in the UK. Thirteen interviewees share their views on the changes in the profession, their experiences and thoughts on the implications of the “more consensual collaborative approach” that is reshaping the legal approach to marriage breakdown.

In the article Catherine shares the background to her choice of specialism – having initially been attracted to the more process-led world of commercial property, she deliberately sought a different route “I like helping people. I like the idea of…in times of strife, being the person that’s going to help fix that.” adding that “Family law slotted into my philosophy on what I wanted to do with my life.” She sheds light on how she copes with the prospect of going up against professional colleagues “…I’ve had really honest conversations. We knew that we’d be friends at the end of it…”

Catherine also shares her top tip on broaching a prenup, which is to take a practical caveat emptor approach to discussing money in a relationship.  “An honest conversation about how you plan to manage your financial affairs would not go amiss in most relationships, and if you don’t like what you hear in that conversation as you contemplate marriage, isn’t it better to know before you tie the knot?”

For further information contact Catherine Costley via email or on 020 7465 4362

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