Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

18 October 2013

Payne Hicks Beach wins eight categories in The Lex 100 2013/14 survey

Payne Hicks Beach is delighted to win eight out of ten categories in The Lex 100 2013/14 survey, six of which we were awarded first place medals. The results are as follows:

Position Category Score
1st Job Satisfaction 100%
1st Firm living up to expectations 100%
1st Work life balance 100%
1st Friendliness of the firm 100%
1st Vacation scheme 100%
2nd Quality of work 96%
6th Client contact 99%
6th Stress levels 76%

The guide writes that "keeping trainees happy is a knack that some firms seem to excel at more than others and Payne Hicks Beach is certainly getting things right with its 100 % score". Our trainees commented that they feel they are "treated as valuable members of the firm from day one" and get "more responsibility".  Further, our postion as a top London law firm is bolstered by their appreciation of the "prestige and stellar client base" as well as the firm's "unbeatable reputation", and that they can look forward to working on "international and high-profile work".  

Our trainees also said that the "caring community vibe" and "exceptionally supportive and non-stressful environment" make it a popular and great choice.  We are also considered to be "friendlier at every level with the managing partner stopping to chat and ask trainees about their progress". Trainees at Payne Hicks Beach also like the "friendliness of the firm at interview" and also enjoyed the more traditional application process of sending a covering letter and CV, which they felt gave them "more freedom to impress of their own accord".

The guide received over 3,500 completed surveys which, they believe, makes it the biggest survey of trainee views to date, which provided them with a particularly robust sample to analyse. The data from the surveys was processed and analysed by the editor of The Lex 100 publication.

Peter Black, Managing Partner at Payne Hicks Beach said:

"We are delighted with the results of the survey and are proud to have recruited such excellent trainees, who all make a valuable contribution to the work we do for our clients and to the life of the firm."

Further information about applying for a training contract at Payne Hicks Beach can be found on the trainee section.

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