Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

23 December 2011

Payne Hicks Beach wins four awards in this year’s Lex 100

Payne Hicks Beach has continued its recent history of positive feedback concerning its trainees by winning four awards in this years Lex 100 ("the insiders guide to law firms") guide 2011

The Lex 100 "Insider's Guide to Law Firms" has just been published. Payne Hicks Beach continues to be highly praised.

This year out of 133 law firms nationwide, Payne Hicks Beach was awarded a "Winner" (Top 20) in four out of ten categories - job satisfaction 17th, work/life balance 6th, stress levels(!) 7th and friendliness 20th.

Here are some extracts from LEX 100's Report -

"Long-established Payne Hicks Beach continues to have an 'excellent' reputation for 'quality of work, friendliness' and also its 'very interesting' training. The firm is perfect for those with an interest in family and private client law. Thanks to its relatively small size there is plenty of exposure to the firm's 'exciting' celebrity client list and current trainees consider their quality of work to be 'very high'. A Lex 100 Winner for work/life balance ('we have a much better work/life balance than others'), job satisfaction, friendliness and manageable stress levels, you should be prepared for immediate responsibility, which could mean going to court on your second day like one current trainee. Trainees get a great taste of the life as a junior fee-earner being involved in the 'day-to-day running of cases' which helps make the transition to NQ solicitor much easier."

".......there is plenty of excitement to be had in this genuinely nice firm where there is 'no room for aggressive types', plenty of client contact and as one trainee puts it 'I enjoy every day!'"



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