Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

05 January 2016

Spear’s 500: Payne Hicks Beach Partners listed

Congratulations to Baroness Shackleton, Robert Brodrick, Dominic Crossley and Kathryn Bradbury who feature in the Spear’s 500 magazine first published on 2 January 2016.

Baroness Shackleton and Robert Brodrick, partners respectively in Payne Hicks Beach’s leading Family and Private Client departments are listed in the Spear’s 500 within Matthew Hardeman’s article “Can You Dig It”.  Baroness Shackleton is recognised as a top ten family lawyer and Robert Brodrick is listed as top recommended tax lawyer.

The firm’s privacy and media law specialist partner, Dominic Crossley, features as at top recommended reputation management lawyer in the Spear’s 500 list in both Rasika Sittamparam’s article “Name Check” and in “Open All Hours” by Alex Matchett. 

Kathryn Bradbury, partner in the Citizenship and Immigration department, is also listed in the Spear's 500 as a top recommended immigration lawyer within John Underwood’s article “The Bear Trap”. 


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