Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

Setting Up A Business - Tier 1 Entrepreneur & Representatives of Overseas Businesses

For those who wish to set up a business in the UK in order to live here, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur category allows an applicant to do this if they have £200,000 to invest. It is necessary to provide a business plan setting out the proposal and projections for the business.

There is also an English language and maintenance requirement for this category. The entrepreneur category has been subject to scrutiny over recent years and our immigration department is able to advise and assist on the complexities of these applications, and the subjective approach taken to the assessment of the viability of the business.

The Representative of an Overseas Business category allows a business that has no branch or subsidiary in the UK to send a senior employee to the UK to establish a branch or subsidiary. This category does not require a £200,000 investment but does have an English language requirement.

After 5 years in these categories, an applicant can apply for indefinite leave to remain. At this stage they must meet an additional English language requirement and also a strict residence requirement. One year after obtaining indefinite leave to remain, an applicant can qualify for British citizenship.






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