Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

Students and Parents of Children at School in the UK

The UK has long been a prime destination for students, from preparatory school through to university. We work closely with educational consultants to ensure that our clients find the most appropriate environment for their child.

The student visa regime is administered under Tier 4 of the UK immigration rules. A student must be accepted at a school that is licensed by the UK Visas and Immigration Department and must meet strict entry criteria in relation to the course, English language ability (for those over 18), and finances.

A child under the age of 12 can be accompanied to the UK by a parent under the Parent of a Child at School category within Tier 4. The parent must not intend to make the UK their main home and only one parent can come to the UK under this category. Rather surprisingly, beyond the age of 12 and up to 16 a child on a student visa can no longer live with their parent even if the parent holds a long term UK immigration status. They must either be at boarding school or cared for by a relative (not including a parent) or in a foster care arrangement.

These restrictions may mean that in some cases the parents need to look to alternative immigration categories to remain in the UK for themselves and their children, and we are able to advise on the full range of options.







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