Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

Residential Property

"The property team are amazing firm, very experienced and highly professional...their advice is clear, objective and understandable." Chambers HNW 2021

Buying or selling high value homes, whether they are houses, flats, new builds, significant country houses or retirement property is complicated: we can assist with the conveyancing process and advise on all of the following areas that may affect your home.

Our residential conveyancing team is happy to help both UK based clients or clients from overseas who want to buy or sell properties.

We provide a highly efficient service, with full communication to our clients. Problems and delays often arise during the course of a purchase or sale and if they do, we will explain the problem clearly and promptly, explain the options and agree a way forward with you.

You will always be able to refer to a partner and our aim is to make the experience of buying or selling residential property as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

"A well established firm which gives instant respectability. The whole team are fantastic" Chambers HNW 

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  • Boundary Disputes

    Disputes often arise between neighbours as to the precise extent of the boundaries of the property. We can help you to interpret your title deeds and to resolve such disputes.

  • Easements

    Easements are rights that benefit or affect your property, e.g. a right of way over a neighbour's land or a right that allows a neighbour to cross your land. We can advise you as to the creation, modification or extinguishment of such rights.

  • Extending your Lease or Buying your Landlord’s Freehold

    Many owners of long leasehold houses have the right to be able to force their landlord to sell them the freehold of their property. Owners of long leasehold flats may have the right to force their landlords to sell them a longer lease. We are able to advise you on all aspects of these processes. We can tell you whether or not you qualify in order to compel such sales and we will then guide you through the highly complex procedures, including the service of correct notices on your landlords, liaising with your surveyors and valuers and attending the Court or Tribunal where necessary. Once terms are settled or agreed, we will deal with the transfer of the freehold or the terms of the new lease, as appropriate.

    We are also able to advise landlords who are facing such claims from their tenants.

  • Extensions and Alterations

    If you wish to carry out any works to your property, we can advise you on all matters that are likely to arise, e.g:

    • Obtaining planning permission and/or listed building consent
    • The Building Regulations that will apply to your alterations
    • Obtaining landlord's consent, where necessary
    • Rights that allow service supplies to access your extension
    • Disputes with neighbours over proposed works and works as they are being carried out.
  • Mortgages

    We are able to help with all aspects of property finance, whether that be for the borrower or the lender.

  • Restrictive Covenants

    Properties may be subject to covenants that impose legal restrictions upon how you use and occupy them. We are able to advise you as to the effect of such covenants and, where appropriate, how to modify or remove them. We can also help you with the creation of new covenants where, for example, you wish to sell a part of your property and impose restrictions upon how your purchaser uses or occupies that property.

  • Tenancies

    We provide comprehensive advice on short lettings of properties and landlord and tenant issues. Our expertise covers such matters as:

    • Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (ASTs)
    • Assured Tenancy Agreements
    • Staff Lettings
    • Lettings by Companies
    • Tenancies at Will
    • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
    • Termination of Tenancies.
  • Transactions by Overseas Residents

    We have considerable expertise in advising overseas individuals and companies with their acquisition or disposal of residential property. We will help you to use the most tax-efficient ownership structures for your property purchases. Our team works closely with our Private Client Department to provide expertise on the interrelationship of both onshore and offshore tax structures.









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