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Many Internet sites are designed in a fashion which makes them difficult, or even impossible, to use by Internet users with disabilities, this site strives to be accessible for all users, including people with disabilities, regardless of how the user is viewing the site.

All pages strive to be WCAG A or AA approved and comply with priority 1 and 2 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The site is designed to work with a wide range of web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The site uses a stylesheet and relative font sizes on all text. This allows the user to increase or decrease text size.

The site aims to make all pages validate as HTML 5.0 and use structured semantic mark-up.

This site incorporates ACCESSKEY functionality. These keys can be used to navigate this site quickly and easily.

The ACCESSKEY functionality used on this site is as follows (usage instructions are below):

1: Home page

ACCESSKEY instructions for Firefox 1.0+ and other modern web browsers.
Simply hold down ALT + SHIFT keys, then press the corresponding ACCESSKEY.

ACCESSKEY instructions for Internet Explorer.
Simply hold down ALT + ACCESSKEY, then press the return/enter key.


Text throughout this website can be enlarged or reduced to suit your preference.

For example:

Internet Explorer users – select View > Text Size > your preferred size.
Firefox users – select View > Text Size > Increase or Decrease.
Safari users – select View > Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller.