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04 April 2024

A day in the Life as a Youth development worker at Coram’s Fields

Embarking on a day as a Youth Development Worker at Coram’s Fields unveils a dynamic blend of administrative duties, project planning, and direct engagement with young individuals. Against the backdrop of the vibrant Coram’s Fields, the goal is clear: to provide a high-quality service fostering confident, resilient, and accomplished young adults.

Daily Operations:

The first order of business starts at 3:30 and is a quick check-in with colleagues. This is a chance to share insights from the day so far and align on the activities planned for the evening. Furthermore, in this time, all the activities for the session are set up by all staff to ensure that we are prepared for the arrival of our young people. This collaborative spirit is the heartbeat of Coram’s Fields, ensuring a seamless flow of support and engagement for the young minds about to fill the space.

As the clock inches, closer to 4:00pm, the first group of young people trickle in. At this point the session is open session meaning that young people can relax, play a game of Fifa, table tennis, pool or chess. Often young people have appointments with departments, and will therefore go straight in to their appointment. The atmosphere is one of warmth and encouragement, fostering a sense of security for both children and staff alike.

As the evening unfolds, the impact of the youth workers become increasingly evident. Relationships are forged, trust is established, and a sense of belonging permeates the atmosphere. Beyond both structured and unstructured activities, informal conversations take place- moments where youth development workers become confidant and mentors. It is also in this time we see preparation for upcoming projects, one-to-one mentoring sessions, music sessions and the employability department particularly busy.

At 6pm, our main activity for the session starts. This is commonly a workshop, a themed quiz or a talk session covering all different areas of life, varying from healthy relationships to celebrating diversity. Young people often leave these sessions feeling empowered and knowledgeable in different area of life and the demand for these sessions are extremely high.

The connectivity established during these hours extended far beyond the confines of Coram’s Fields, leaving an enduring imprint on the imprint on the lives of the youth they serve.


Diverse Department and Projects:

Coram’s Fields distinguishes itself through diverse departments catering to various needs. From the Music department, offering exploration in singing, rapping, learning instruments and music production, to the Employment department aiding with job seeking, CV building, and life coaching—each department contributes to holistic youth development.

The array of services extends to One-to-One sessions, Generations for younger age groups, Girls Group for exploring the challenges of growing up as a young female, and the Gamble Aware Project addressing gambling and addiction issues. The Gym and Outreach initiatives ensure continuous engagement with young people in the community, fostering relationships outside regular sessions.

External projects like Project 10/10 and Project Vanguard find a home at Coram’s Fields, supporting vulnerable young people aged 16 to 25. These projects, led by a team of Youth Workers, NHS Workers, and psychologists, aim to reintegrate hard to reach young individuals into society through outreach, casework, and family-focused interventions.


Reflection and Commitment:

At 9pm, as the day draws to a close, the youth workers gather for a brief reflection session. It’s a time to celebrate successes, share challenges, and reaffirm their commitment to the well-being of the community. This allows for proper clarity, closure and team cohesion ensuring we’re all on the same page so that we know how to move forward as a team ready to take on the next day.

Leaving Coram’s Fields, the Youth Worker carries with them the echoes of stories, the shared triumphs, and the knowledge that, in those five hours, they have contributed to shaping a brighter future for the youth. Although difficult, this job is incredibly important and rewarding we are shaping the minds of future generations.