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16 December 2020

Eyes wide open: transparency in the Family Courts – Sarah Williams for the Family Law Journal

Article by Sarah Williams, Head of Surrogacy, Fertility, Adoption & Modern Family and safeguarding expert in the Family department at Payne Hicks Beach, in which she considers an application by a journalist for a disclosure order in the context of steps towards further transparency in the family courts, first published in the Family Law Journal December 2020/January 2021 Issue and reproduced with kind permission.

Sarah is an expert in complex international surrogacy, fertility and modern family law, in addition to having extensive experience in all children related litigation and safeguarding and advising on cases involving the vulnerable. She spent the first decade of her career as a practising Family Barrister at a leading set of chambers representing parents, children, guardians and the Official Solicitor. Sarah is adept at handling all her cases with the utmost discretion whilst delivering the best outcome for her clients.

For further information please contact  Sarah Williams, Legal Director and Head of Surrogacy, Adoption, Fertility & Modern Family by email or telephone on 020 7693 5821.

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