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24 May 2022

Goodbye to Section 21-a short history

In a recent article published in Landlord Today on 21 May 2022 and reproduced below with kind permission, property litigation expert and partner at Payne Hicks Beach, Scott Goldstein, explores the background to the Renters’ Reform Bill which was announced in the Queen’s Speech.

Enshrined in The Housing Act 1988, Section 21 permits some residential landlords to carry out “no fault evictions”.  Detailing how the successive governments have introduced ever more restrictions on landlords serving Section 21 Notices, he remarks that the demise of Section 21 is not especially surprising, or unwelcome.  Although the draft bill has not yet published, the government needs to ensure that landlords’ and tenants’ rights are adequately protected in the post-Section 21 world.

Scott has extensive experience in all aspects of property litigation and is able to bring a wide range of technical knowhow and commercial nous to bear on any property dispute, be it commercial or residential advising developer and high net worth clients.  His expertise extends to dealing with landlord and tenant work: on the commercial side involving the applicability of the criteria for opposing a new business tenancy on the grounds of redevelopment (ground (f)) and for residential tenancies dealing with long leases in connection with enfranchisement claims, service charge disputes and disputes between tenant directors of freehold companies.

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