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16 October 2023

Key Libel Cases To Watch In The New Court Term – Hanna Basha features in Law360  

Payne Hicks Beach Privacy and Media law Expert Hanna Basha comments on the changing face of defamation reporting in the UK, addressing the increase of SLAPPS.  

Hanna notes that “SLAPPs would not have been considered a few years ago” and goes on to explain “The debate about SLAPPs means that the reporting about defamation litigation is often now not focused on the truth or otherwise of what has been said and its impact on the claimant but rather why the claim has been brought, whether the claim is abusive and its potential impact on the defendants.”

To read Hanna’s comments in full see Law360’s report:

Hanna Basha is a Privacy and Media expert specialising in defamation law. To enquire on Privacy and Media matters, contact Hanna by email: or phone call: 020 7465 4371

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