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16 January 2023

Lawyers urge UK ministers to speed up reform of cohabitation rights – Matthew Booth for the FT

Partner and Expert Family Lawyer Matthew Booth features in FT Weekend’s article ‘Lawyers urge UK ministers to speed up reform of cohabitation rights’. The article has been linked below with kind permission.

In the article, Matthew warns readers that the Lack of legal parity for unmarried couples leaves partners, especially women, without protection when relationships break down.

In an article looking at the impact of the Government’s reluctance to change the law for cohabiting couples, Matthew tells the Financial Times:

“As matters stand, many people find themselves compromised by having unwittingly elected to a (non) regime which they do not understand.

“The reality remains that many of these individuals will be women who in some circumstances may find themselves entirely without legal recourse if their relationship breaks down.

“If a woman has given up her career and has no resources or property in her name she may find herself in dire financial circumstances.”

Read Matthews’s comments in the full article here:

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