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07 April 2022

Legal Conceptions – Surrogacy and modern family law expert Sarah Williams’ article features in Issue 2 of STEP Journal

Surrogacy and modern family law expert, Sarah Williams article ‘Legal Conceptions’ has featured in Issue 2 of the STEP Journal, published 30 March 2022 and reproduced with kind permission.

In her article, Sarah tackles the ongoing confusion surrounding parentage rights following surrogacy in the UK, answering how to obtain a parental order and discusses the recent reforms to surrogacy legislation in the UK, referencing the forthcoming wholesale reform and the assignment of parentage.

Sarah concludes the reforms are ‘impatiently welcomed’, however, there is a clear present frustration that an opportunity to permit domestic commercial surrogacy arrangements is being missed, leaving wanting parents with the ‘antiquated pathway to parenthood that we have currently’ resulting in expense and logistical issues.

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