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28 February 2022

Love is patient – think before you say yes

Family Law expert Matthew Booth warns of the realities of accepting a Valentines’ day marriage proposal in his article ‘Love is patient’, written for ThoughtLeaders4 HNW Divorce Magazine.

Valentine’s Day is a popular date on which marriage proposals are made. In our modern-day world, the romantics in us all wish for a happily ever after. However, Matthew reminds us that “as the law would have it – marriage is a partnership”. He adds “The decision to marry is something which two adults should consider and talk about together over a period of time, during which they may each reflect (and take advice?) on the choice they are making and its long-term consequences”.

The article highlights the precautions High Net Worth Individuals should take before accepting a proposal if they wish to protect their wealth and is reproduced with kind permission.

Love is patient

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