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23 March 2022

Privacy and Media Law expert Hanna Basha comments for Law360 on the Government’s proposed curbs on ‘strategic lawsuits against public participation’ (SLAPPs)

With the UK government taking evidence on how it can change the law to make it less costly and easier for media representatives to defend themselves against SLAPPs, Payne Hicks Beach Dispute Resolution partner and Privacy and Media Law expert, Hanna Basha shares her views on the potential impact.

Hanna’s comments feature in the Law360 article SLAPP Back Against ‘Lawfare,’ But Not Too Hard, Attys Say published on 18 March 2022 and linked below with kind permission.

Hanna cautions against reforms meant to respond to a few “notorious examples” of the law not working well, as “this may endanger the vast majority of defamation claims that are brought by individuals against powerful newspapers and media outlets with large teams of lawyers at their disposal.”

She also reflects on the power of the press adding, “We all want a free press, but we do not want a press which is so powerful that it becomes unaccountable” and reminds readers of the relatively recent public concerns at the conduct of journalists “which resulted in decades of hacking litigation.”

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