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31 March 2023

Pupil strip searches: the law and what schools need to know 

Following an in-depth report from the UK Children’s Commissioner, Ane Vernon and Mark Jones – Partners in our Dispute Resolution Team – write for TES on schools’ obligations in the context of police strip searches on school premises.

Earlier this week Dame Rachel de Souza – the Children’s Commissioner – published a report on the practice of child strip searches performed by police in England and Wales. She highlighted widespread non-compliance with statutory guidelines, sparking much debate as to how this issue can be tackled. One of her recommendations is that schools should be “specifically excluded” as an appropriate location for strip searches, but for now the law allows them on school premises.

Ane Vernon and Mark Jones – Partners in our Dispute Resolution Team – write in TES on what schools need to know about the law, their obligations and the rights of pupils.

Read the article linked with kind permission here:

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