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23 September 2021

Schools: behaviour policies, disciplinary procedures & parental contracts

Ane VernonDispute Resolution Partner and schools and education specialist lawyer at Payne Hicks Beach, writes that good behaviour, integrity and respect for others are cornerstones of any school’s disciplinary regime. Mindful of balancing the needs and welfare of each pupil and the school community as a whole, Ane provides guidance on robustly applied behaviour policies ensuring clarity and fairness for all concerned. First published in Independent Schools Magazine online on 15 September 2021 and reproduced with kind permission.

Ane is a specialist education lawyer who is highly experienced in dealing with disputes arising in the education and regulatory sector. Ane leads the firm’s top ranked Education and Schools team that focuses on providing specialist advice to schools and institutional clients and represents individual students or their parents. The team is adept at handling regulatory/compliance issues, safeguarding, governance, membership, examinations, appeals, Judicial Review applications (for both claimaints and defendants) as well as sensitive issues arising out of exclusions and suspensions. Clients value the team’s exceptional level of service, astute legal acumen and unparalleled levels of support and is recognised across the industry as one of the best education law offerings in the UK.

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