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18 July 2022

Simon Beccle – A day in the life of a family law solicitor

In an insightful and thought provoking article written for Grapevine, family law expert Simon Beccle of Payne Hicks Beach sets out a typical day in his life. Linked below with kind permission, in the article he describes some of the complex issues he assists clients with: including drafting co-habitation agreements to protect the rights of couples who choose to live together, preparing pre-nups for couples who have differing wealth and helping those whose relationships have run their course.

Using typical examples of the situations his clients come to him with, Simon provides an accessible and understandable insight into the different aspects of family law. He also sheds light on how some of the cases he has worked on have made positive changes to this area of law. Simon acted for Pamela White in White v White (2000) which brought about the change in the law to provide for equality as the starting point in the division of property and assets on divorce and also for Tini Owens in Tini Owens v Hugh John Owens (2018) which was the catalyst for the recent introduction of no-fault divorce.

Despite having been involved in many high profile reported cases, Simon comments that “…most of my work involves acting for people who are not high profile and whose cases are not ground-breaking” adding that “the three things my clients have in common is that they need advice and representation, they can afford to instruct me and have something to argue about”

Grapevine: A day in the life of a leading Family Law Solicitor

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