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24 May 2021

Surrogacy in the US – where to begin and who can help?

Sarah Williams, Legal Director and Head of Surrogacy, Fertility, Adoption & Modern Family in the Family department at Payne Hicks Beach is a guest speaker at My Surrogacy Journey’s “Surrogacy in the US – Where to begin and who can help?” webinar at 8.00 pm on 27 May 2021. This webinar is designed for all intended parents and to be the first step to providing an understanding of US Surrogacy and whether it is the right surrogacy pathway.

Sarah will be joined by fellow guest speakers: Dr Christin Slater from the Fertility Clinic Idaho Centre for Reproductive Medicine (ICRM) and Michael Serwa from Surro Connections.

My Surrogacy Journey is the latest UK not for profit organisation exploring surrogacy, fertility, adoption and modern family, with a focus on future trends including genetics.

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