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21 September 2023

The results are in: Payne Hicks Beach remains a winning firm in the Legal 500 Future Lawyers Survey

“To train at a close-knit firm … where trainees are treated like valued members of the team from the get-go, consider Payne Hicks Beach.”

Legal 500 has rated Payne Hicks Beach as “a Future Lawyers Winner for quality of work, confidence of being kept on post qualification and work/life balance.”

The survey recognises that Payne Hicks Beach “excels in family and private client work, whilst still providing a full offering and a well-rounded training contract”.

The Legal 500 Future Lawyers survey bases its rankings on anonymous feedback collected from trainee solicitors in the UK who share their experiences whilst training at their law firm. Using a mix of scores and comments, the responses are gathered to create a profile for each firm which future candidates can look through and choose the firms with the best fit for their training contract.

We received some wonderful feedback from the survey. In particular when trainees were asked “What is the best thing about the firm?” responses included:

The environment at Payne Hicks Beach is “less intense and more cerebral than at other firms”. “We are given more mentally challenging tasks” said one respondent, “and we have more interaction with senior team members and more direct involvement with cases”.

A “close trainee group” means that recruits enjoy coming to work: the idea that “we are more friends than colleagues” was a thread which echoed through the feedback.

“The culture; it feels like a giant family, and the reasonable hours”;

“Friendliness, social life within departments; the trust that partners place in you from day one”;

“The quality of work and types of clients”;

“The work/life balance”;

“The size of the firm – everyone knows each other – and the client contact”; and

“The location”.


The full feedback from the 2023 survey can be found here:

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