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24 March 2021

The Spear’s Property Lawyers Index 2021: Andrew Berry, Emma Copestake & Simon Blackburn

We are delighted that specialist property lawyers, Andrew Berry Partner and Head of Property, Emma Copestake Property Partner and Simon Blackburn Property Partner and Head of Landed Estates and Agriculture, are listed in The Spear’s Property Advisers Index 2021, first published in Spear’s Magazine online on 24 March 2021.

Andrew Berry is listed as a “Top Recommended Property Lawyer” with a focus on “high-value deals” in the Spear’s Property Lawyers Index.

Emma Copestake is listed as a “Top Recommended Property Lawyer” with a focus on “Middle Eastern families” in the Spear’s Property Lawyers Index.

Simon Blackburn is listed as a “Top Recommended Landed Estates Lawyer” with a focus on “acquisition, disposal and management” in the Spear’s Landed Estates Lawyers Index.

The Spear’s Property Advisers Index 2021 is an indispensable resource for high-net-worth individuals in search of expert advice on prime and luxury property and rural estates. It identifies the experts who are leading the way as the best prime property lawyers, landed estates lawyers, buying and selling agents, rural property specialists, and service-providers to high net worth including investment, finance and private services advisers and property management services.

The Spear’s Property Lawyers Index 2021 sets out the top property lawyers who deal with everything from negotiating transactions, structuring bespoke arrangements and tailoring a specific approach to unique situations for high net worth individuals looking to buy and sell prime residential property.

The Spear’s Landed Estates Lawyers Index 2021 lists the leading landed estates lawyers advising high net worth individuals looking to buy landed estates and guiding them on effective estate management as well as advising on issues ranging from succession planning, residential development to diversification.

This Spear’s annual rankings of the top private client advisers and service-providers to HNWs form the core of the Spear’s 500, the bible of HNW advisers. The Spear’s Property Advisers Index 2021 including the category of best property and landed estates lawyers can be found at

Click below to read the full profiles for Andrew, Emma and Simon, as first published in The Spear’s Property Advisers Index 2021

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