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05 April 2022

Today – BBC Radio 4: Baroness Shackleton discusses the new ‘no fault’ divorce law, but calls for an “urgent overhaul” of the financial proceeding which follow application.

Fiona Shackleton, Partner in the leading Family department at Payne Hicks Beach and one of the country’s most famous divorce lawyers appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on 5 April 2022.  On the eve of the introduction of a no-fault divorce process in England and Wales, Fiona discussed the change with presenter Martha Kearney, commenting that “Taking away the stigma of blame is constructive and it is a starter to making divorce less controversial, less antagonistic and easier for individuals going through an uncomfortable time in their marriage to apply for divorce without attributing blame under fault.”  However, the Act fails to alleviate the conflict associated with the financial proceedings which follow. Fiona calls for an “urgent overhaul of the 50 year old system for financial proceedings beginning with the law on prenuptial contracts”.

To listen to the interview, Click below (full interview begins at 1:32)

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