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04 March 2021

Top lawyers explain everything you need to know about surrogacy and peerages – Sarah Williams for Tatler

Article co-authored by Sarah Williams of Payne Hicks Beach and Edward Bennett of Harcourt Family Law, in which they explain everything you need to know about surrogacy and peerages, first published online at Tatler on 4 March 2021 and reproduced with kind permission.

Sarah is an expert in complex international surrogacy, fertility and modern family law, in addition to having extensive experience in all children related litigation. Sarah represents internationally renowned figures from the fields of sports and media and is adept at handling all her cases with the utmost discretion whilst delivering the best outcome for her clients.

For further information, please contact Sarah Williams Legal Director and Head of Surrogacy, Adoption, Fertility & Modern Family by email or telephone on 020 7693 5821.

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