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08 November 2021

We bought a house from a developer 8 months ago and now we’re told we owe more money

Responding to a reader’s question in the Sunday Times, property litigation expert Scott Goldstein provided clarity on the steps a homeowner could take in the case where a management company is chasing payment of additional money from them to address a shortfall in service charges relating to an 8month-old completion certificate.  As the management company identified the issue as being with the original developers or their solicitors, it was difficult to understand why the management company was continuing to maintain that the homeowner was liable. Scott recommended the homeowner exhaust the management company’s internal complaints procedure to resolve the issue before resorting to one of the statutory redress schemes.

First published in The Sunday Times on 7 November 2021 and reproduced with kind permission.

A partner in the Dispute Resolution department, Scott has extensive experience in all aspects of property litigation and is able to bring a wide range of technical knowhow and commercial nous to bear on any property dispute, be it commercial or residential advising developer and high net worth clients.  His expertise extends to dealing with landlord and tenant work: on the commercial side involving the applicability of the criteria for opposing a new business tenancy on the grounds of redevelopment (ground (f)) and for residential tenancies dealing with long leases in connection with enfranchisement claims, service charge disputes and disputes between tenant directors of freehold companies.

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