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31 January 2023

Where there’s a will there’s a WAR – Richard Manyon for The Daily Mail

Contentious trusts and estates expert Richard Manyon features in The Daily Mail’s article, ‘Where there’s a will there’s a WAR’ published on 15 January 2023 and linked below with kind permission.

The rise in inheritance disputes is no surprise, says contentious trusts and estates Partner Richard Manyon, in the Daily Mail.

In an article on high profile inheritance disputes, Richard tells the Daily Mail that: “Even wealthy people can behave in underhand ways just to get a benefit out of their parents’ estates. You would not believe the shenanigans that people get up to.”

Richard said the fact people are living longer can cause inheritance problems: “More people are getting to that stage where dementia is likely, so they may be vulnerable or lacking in capacity. The consequence is that there will be more dodgy wills.”

Click here to read Richard‘s comments in the Daily Mail

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