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We advise clients who find themselves receiving unwanted attention including from paparazzi, stalkers, online-trolls and abusive ex-partners or neighbours.

"They are incredibly client-friendly and a very safe pair of hands. Clients go to them because they trust them to give the unvarnished truth in a way that is pleasant” Chambers UK 2021

These cases are highly sensitive and need to be handled delicately and we are experienced at dealing with the emotional, practical and legal aspects. We advise clients on their rights and the steps that they can take, including applications to court for injunctive relief or third party disclosure (such as Norwich Pharmacal relief), with the aim of helping them to return to their normal lives as quickly as possible.

Often the unwanted attention comes with threats to speak to the media. We have extensive experience advising in the context of politically or commercially motivated campaigns and relationship breakdowns.

We are also well placed to advise on issues arising between family members and in the family courts and those which have a criminal aspect drawing on the expertise of our colleagues in other teams.