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Privacy & Misuse of Private Information

"Payne Hicks Beach is well regarded for its ability to handle high-stakes reputational and defamation matters. A firm that understands high net worth clients and looks after clients very well. They're an excellent firm specialising in this tier." Chambers HNW 2021

The right to privacy is a fundamental protection to stop unwarranted and unwelcome intrusion into our private lives. The Human Rights Act ensures that the law reflects the entitlement of every person, from every walk of life, to enjoy a private life.

Such intrusion into peoples’ lives can have a devastating effect and this is where Payne Hicks Beach can help. We have vast experience of advising claimants on the misuse of private information and are adept at dealing with the traditional media, social media and search engines where privacy is at stake.

By the nature of these claims it is difficult to provided examples of them. However, one which is in the public domain and in which we acted is Hirschfeld v McGrath [2011] EWHC 249 (QB). To read the full judgment, please click here. Dominic Crossley acted in the leading privacy case of Mosley v News Group Newspapers.

As part of our privacy practice, we have significant experience of the law relating to voicemail interception (“phone hacking”) and other investigatory techniques to intercept communications and/or obtain private and confidential information by unlawful means.