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Schooling & education

Education law is complex, needing expert advice to navigate and get the solution that meets your needs.

"Payne Hicks Beach have carved out a niche for this work, and have unparalleled expertise in this field. They are able to work effectively and strategically and demonstrate a multi-disciplinary approach" The Legal 500 UK

Our highly regarded team is equally experienced in advising students and their parents as it is in providing bespoke advice to senior management teams and governors of schools, colleges and other educational establishments.

We have extensive experience in advising students and their parents in connection with allegations of misconduct and discrimination, exclusions or suspensions, complaints and appeals at top UK independent and international schools. Our sensitive advice is tailored to the situation and we take particular care when individuals and their families are facing allegations of misconduct or are a victim of wrongdoing. We offer advice behind the scenes to help parents seeking to resolve these issues themselves or we can also formally engage with the school concerned. Dealing with matters in a sympathetic and understanding way, we always focus on our clients’ ultimate objectives and are used to managing time-critical and stressful situations.

What can we help you with?

We regularly represent students and their parents attending independent schools in connection with a wide range of issues that can arise in the particular educational context. We also advise schools in managing such issues. Drawing on our expertise and experience we can help address issues including:

  • suspension and exclusion
  • alleged misuse of drugs or alcohol
  • allegations of sexual abuse and harassment
  • social media and private information
  • bullying and cyber-bullying/trolling
  • disputed qualifications (including examination appeals, A level and GCSE grading results)
  • complaints and panel hearings
  • breach of contract (including fee disputes)
  • discrimination
  • school administration policies
  • applications for judicial review (claimant or defendant)
  • safeguarding concerns
  • UK independent private and international school problems

Please note that we do not take on legal aid work.