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08 March 2022

Citizenship and Immigration expert Matt Ingham features in The Times and Law Society Gazette providing insight on the Ukraine Russia Crisis

Payne Hicks Beach’s Citizenship and Immigration Team has been continuously updating resources and information relating to the Ukraine Russia Crisis, as seen on our hub. In particular,  partner Matt Ingham has been providing updates on changing visa routes, refugee options and sanctions imposed as a result of the conflict.

In recent days Matt’s comments have featured in various media, including a letter to the editor published in The Times on the limited UK immigration options for Ukrainian refugees, published on 3 March [1], and an article in the Law Society Gazette on 4 March on the closure of tier 1 investor visa route [2] – both reproduced with kind permission.

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is extremely concerning for those impacted. If you require any immigration advice please do not hesitate to contact Matt Ingham of the Citizenship and Immigration Team.



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