Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

Matt Ingham

Matt Ingham

Since 2010 Matt has been advising high net worth individuals with regard to complex International Protection claims involving political persecution and corporate raiding as well as Public Law and Human Rights based applications.

Matt advises high-net worth clients in relation to political asylum, judicial review, appeals, complex human rights and removals cases. Matt's breadth of experience allows him to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach and ensures that he is well-placed to develop creative, strategic solutions to assist and protect clients, and to work alongside Payne Hicks Beach's reputation protection and civil litigation teams where required.

Matt has acted for high profile individuals and has been at the forefront of significant cases in the asylum field. He has experience of making asylum claims whilst simultaneously defending extradition requests. Together with his colleagues in the reputation and civil litigation teams, he is also able to deploy different legal tools to assist the client such as making and defending civil proceedings based on allegations of fraud and defamation all linked to the underlying corporate raiding attempt. The cases he has worked on range across a number of jurisdictions. Matt's experience has also extended to challenging Interpol red flag notices.

In addition Matt has a breadth of experience of human right-based judicial review applications with broad advisory and court experience in complex proceedings of this nature.

Matt also works closely with the non-contentious Immigration team with regard to UK visas, British citizenship and Indefinite Leave to Remain applications, often with a discretionary element and for applications interlinking with on-going litigation. 

Articles and media

March 2022

CNN - comments on Russian general who oversaw atrocities in Syria led cluster bomb attacks on civilians in Ukraine

Time Magazine - comments on the increasing pressure on Russian oligarchs in the UK

The Times and Law Society Gazette - providing insight on the Ukraine Russia Crisis

The Bar Council guest blog - Nationality and Borders Bill

February 2022

Daily Telegraph - comments on the need to set up a Ukraine resettlement scheme

Independent - comments on the abrupt suspension of the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa

Law Society Gazette - on the closure of the Tier 1 visa route

June 2021

FE News - Is the UK still top of the class when it comes to international education?

January 2021 

Law 360 - comments on Assange victory leaving whistleblowers, journalists hanging

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