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26 May 2022

Matt Ingham comments for CNN on alleged war crimes related to cluster bomb attacks on civilians in Ukraine

Payne Hicks Beach’s Citizenship and Immigration expert Matt Ingham featured in CNN’s ‘Exclusive: Russian general who oversaw atrocities in Syria led cluster bomb attacks on civilians in Ukraine’ article on 14 May, which is linked below with kind permission.

Stating that “Colonel General Alexander Zhuravlyov should have been sanctioned for his actions in Syria”, Matt added, “It is a shame that there was not a stronger response to alleged war crimes at that stage, because that may have affected Putin’s Ukrainian strategic calculations from the outset.”

The article covers the ongoing conflict with Matt’s comments relating to the cluster bomb attack which saw rockets fired into Kharkiv over a key 48-hour period in late February, as Russian troops battled to seize the city from Ukrainian forces.

Payne Hicks Beach’s Citizenship and Immigration Team has continuously updated resources and information relating to the Ukraine Russia Crisis, as seen on our hub. If you require any immigration advice please do not hesitate to contact Matt Ingham of the Citizenship and Immigration Team.

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