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04 March 2022

Time Magazine – Immigration Law expert Matt Ingham comments on the increasing pressure on Russian oligarchs in the UK

Matt Ingham, partner in the Citizenship & Immigration Team, provided his insights to Time Magazine for their article ‘The U.K. Is Putting More Pressure on Russian Oligarchs. Critics Say It Comes Too Late’, published on 2 March 2022 and reproduced below with kind permission.

The article focuses on money laundering in the UK and the government’s newly updated Economic Crime Bill.

Matt, who specializes in unexplained wealth orders,  comments that, “prosecutors often struggle to prove their suspicions that an oligarch obtained their assets illegally because the individual’s home country can refute the claims. British authorities still have a stumbling block in the form of uncooperative foreign regimes who may not wish to assist for political reasons”.

Matt has also written a more detailed article addressing whether Unexplained Wealth Orders are a useful tool to combat corruption?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Matt Ingham of the Citizenship and Immigration Team.

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