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08 November 2021

TL4 HNW Divorce litigation Flagship conference 2021 – Jessica Henson and Ben Parry-Smith

Trust specialist Jessica Henson and family law expert Ben Parry-Smith from Payne Hicks Beach are speaking at the inaugural ThoughtLeaders4 HNW Divorce litigation flagship conference being held on 24 November 2021 in London.

During his morning session, Ben and Nicholas Allen QC of 29 Bedford Row will be “Examining the Pros & Cons of the use of the Media in an HNW Divorce“. Together they will explore how the increasing prevalence of divorce cases being interesting to the public rather than in the public interest has influenced whether this has changed how divorce lawyers and practitioners engage with media.

In the afternoon Jessica joins a distinguished panel of family and trust law experts including Elizabeth Doherty, Alex Carruthers, Gemma Willingham and Richard Wilson QC to discuss “Wealth Planning Hints and Tips for Safeguarding against Divorce“. The panel will explore topics such as maintaining flexibility, the use of IHT spousal relief, nuptial agreements and the reservation of trust powers.

Bringing together a great cross section of the HNW divorce community, the 1-day event will cover everything from Cross Border Wealth Planning to the Pro’s and Con’s of the Use of Media in Divorce Proceedings. To view the full programme, speaking faculty or learn more about the event click here. There is a 10% discount code HNWDL21SPK if you decide to attend.

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