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14 May 2024

Legal issues that arise from ‘deepfakes’ being used in online scams

Hanna Basha, Partner in the Media & Privacy team, spoke on the topic on ITV News on 13 May 2024.

On 13 May 2024, ITV News broadcast a report on the dramatic rise of ‘deepfakes’ being used in online scams.

As part of the report, Hanna was interviewed by Mary Nightingale about the Online Safety Act, which has recently come into force. She was asked to provide legal comment on whether the provisions of the Act are able to counter the potential negative ways in which ‘deepfakes’ can be used to scam others.  Hanna’s view was that the Act is a good start but does not go far enough to counter the problems of online safety and ‘deepfakes’.

To watch the full documentary, click here:

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