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13 February 2024

Roses are red, violets are blue, pause for thought before you say ‘I do’.

Rebecca Cockcroft, head of family law at Payne Hicks Beach features in Tatler this month explaining why more and more couples are seeing the value in PNAs. “It is no longer seen as unromantic to approach the question of a PNA prior to marriage.”

The saccharine smell of Valentine’s Day is just around the corner with the added potency of ‘Bachelor’s Day’/’Ladies’ Privilege’ being thrown into the mix for 2024. This Irish tradition emanating from the legend of Saint Bridget and Saint Patrick encourages women in a leap year to throw convention to the wind, drop to one knee and in the aptly chosen words of Beyonce: Put a ring on it.

So whether you favour the traditional proposal and a tasteful box from Tiffany’s or are plotting to buck tradition on the 29th February, Rebecca warns of what precautions should you take before popping what could turn out to be a very expensive question?

The article has been linked below, with kind permission.


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