Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

Human rights, judicial review and removal

Our team has a reputation for obtaining positive results in the most complex and adversarial circumstances against the Home Office.

We are able to issue proceedings to prevent removal at short notice, challenge refusals (with or without an appeal right granted by the Home Office), obtain bail, and frequently to enable work or study whilst the proceedings are on-going. We adopt a strategic and coordinated approach with our non-contentious team, as often a fresh application in conjunction with litigation can be the best form of legal protection in these circumstances.

We are adept at expressing the compassionate aspects in human rights cases, in a legally robust manner, and making the economic case for discretion. We are innovative, understand the system well and will utilise an assertive or a collegiate approach with the Home Office depending upon our analysis of their conduct to date. We work quickly and efficiently, have a track record of success and fully appreciate the emotional strain upon clients and their families in such circumstances.


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