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Employment rights

Employees often ask us to review their employment position to ensure that their rights are being satisfied, or to advise on how they should address a dispute with an employer.

Many of these matters can be concluded swiftly, but others may escalate or the relationship may break down and the matter may become contentious. We are able to offer support and guidance in any given situation.

Services in this section:

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As with employer clients, the concerns held by employees will often be similar irrespective of industry sector.

However, each case will have its own nuances and will be addressed on an individual basis dependent on the particular circumstances at play, such as concerns about the practicalities of continuing to receive an income, health, unfairness, reputation and the ability to remain in, or obtain alternative, employment.

We act for employee clients at all levels and across many industry sectors, including many senior executives and directors, often in banking. We have a particular niche in dealing with mental health issues for senior executives, whether or not such claims arise from any fault of their employer. The majority of our work for individuals is generated by recommendations from existing clients.