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14 March 2024

What family looks like in 2024 and how the law needs to keep up

Rebecca Cockcroft provides her view for Legal Business in Lucy Enright’s article ‘Breaking down silos: family law in the UK in 2024 and beyond’, first published in the Private Client Yearbook 2024 – Private Matters and linked below with kind permission.

Rebecca comments on the common misunderstandings around cohabitating couples, ‘Many clients are under the misapprehension that there is such a thing as a common law wife. There isn’t. You could be living with a partner for 20 years, have three children, have no assets or income of your own (because you have been a homemaker raising a family) and your claims are extremely limited and child based’.

She further expands in relation to financial remedies to say, ‘We are going to see clients becoming increasingly worried about transparency and reporting – this will inevitably lead to parties wanting to privatise cases from the offset.’

At Payne Hicks Beach we have a team of family lawyers on hand to support you on all family law matters including divorce and separation; financial remedies; children law; modern family law including surrogacy, adoption and fertility.  We are sensitive to the highly personal nature of family law issues and offer complete discretion, empathy and trust. Click here for details of all specialist services at Payne Hicks Beach in this area of family law, or contact Rebecca Cockcroft, Partner and Head of Family, for more information.

Read the full article in Legal Business The Legal 500 Private Client Year Book 2024 – Private Matters online here page or the PDF online here

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