Payne Hicks Beach

Payne Hicks Beach

Financial Services

The complexities of the financial services legislation are numerous.  Our team will lead you safely through this minefield.

Our in depth knowledge and experience of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 enables us to give clear, pragmatic advice on all aspects including:

  • Establishing operations regulated by the FCA
  • The regulation of "financial promotions" which covers not only written documents to raise money or sell companies and,  more rigorously, conversations about them
  • Liabilities arising from obligations imposed by the financial services legislation
  • Advice to authorised businesses
  • Advising those who become involved in activities regulated by FSMA.

Typical advice includes:

  • Advising a private equity start up on the implications of relevant legislation
  • Offers to the public or sections of them
  • Helping independent financial advisers to comply with their reporting obligations.



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