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Corporate Raiding & International Protection

Corporate raids commonly involve a combination of trumped up criminal charges, defamatory press campaigns, harassment of former colleagues and family members, extradition requests, civil claims, civil freezing orders (or criminal restraint), and Interpol red notices. Together such campaigns are designed to increase the financial and psychological pressure upon victims and to cause settlement on unfavourable terms and the transfer of assets at an undervalue.

Corporate raiding is a form of state sponsored persecution traditionally prevalent in Russia and the CIS region, but which has become increasingly frequent around the world. It is the modus operandi by which commercial rivals, with close connections to the state, target independent businesspeople and seize the victim's assets and prevent them from conducting business in the future.

We understand that this kind of coordinated campaign can be extremely stressful for our clients, and often damaging to both their businesses and their personal lives. This is especially so when the persecution is sophisticated, and not in a form that can be easily proven, or be defended against without fear of reprisal.

We litigate against this kind of persecution through a coordinated approach that protects all of our clients’ various interests. We believe that trust is vital, and we work to build a relationship built on mutual respect as a trusted adviser. We are always sensitive to our clients’ individual circumstances, and to the political and diplomatic elements of their cases, and will work with you to tailor a strategy that provides the best protection available. We think in strategic terms, wider than most lost law firms.  We form a team using expertise across the firm to give the best chance of finding evidence and protecting all applicable rights and remedies.  We also have networks of security and political experts who we bring on board as part of the team from an early stage where required.

Political asylum claims are typically at the core of our strategy. Asylum provides the strongest protection: it blocks extradition, is conducted within confidential proceedings, results in the grant of a United Nations travel document, and usually acts to remedy some of the reputational damage caused to the victim of the raid.

In many cases our clients also need to protect their assets from seizure, and take action to prevent and seek vindication in response to campaigns to damage reputation, harassment and intrusion. Payne Hicks Beach also has an expert dispute resolution team, who are renowned for identifying pragmatic means of protecting their clients’ interests even in the most complex situations, and a media and privacy law team who regularly advise victims of libel, blackmail and intimidation, whether through the media or other means.

Whatever your circumstances, we will work with you and our colleagues to establish a comprehensive strategy that is able to respond to even the most sophisticated forms of persecution.

Matthew Ingham is recognised as “...the go to partner for handling ultra high-net-worth clients who are facing well resourced persecution in their countries of origin.” The Legal 500 2022

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