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Law and The State

Specialist legal services to navigate the complex balance between prosecution or persecution

Specialist legal services to navigate the complex balance between prosecution or persecution

Law and the State

In an increasingly geo-politically unstable world, high net worth individuals and their families can find themselves needing the protection of lawyers at a moment’s notice. This can frequently be the case even for individuals who do not consider themselves ‘political’. Laws and legal processes designed to prosecute wrongdoing can be misused by those that operate the levers of state power to persecute opponents.

Payne Hicks Beach lawyers understand that the law does not operate in a vacuum. We understand politics and diplomacy at the highest levels and are able to translate complex situations on the ground into a robust legal defence. Our lawyers have a political intelligence that assists in the development of sensitive, swift and discreet strategies to ensure access to justice and fairness.

We work in an interdisciplinary manner across the firm to protect our clients from the coordinated and sophisticated methods employed by states. Be it a claim for political asylum, a defamatory press campaign, a response to a cyber-attack, defence on arrest for politically motivated charges, we move quickly and decisively.

We understand that a state-led campaign can be extremely stressful and often damages businesses interests and personal lives. Persecution is sophisticated, often difficult to prove and often difficult to defend against without fear of reprisal.

Our team is comprised of leading lawyers in the field of international protection, defence and investigations, reputation, privacy, cyber and public law. We have developed extensive networks of security, strategic communications and political experts to support our legal expertise from an early stage where required.