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27 February 2024

James Townsend comments for Watchdog on menopause symptoms being seen as a disability  

The full article addressing the legal obligations surrounding disability and menopause symptoms can be found linked below with kind permission.

“Menopause symptoms can be a disability, says UK watchdog. Businesses risk being sued if they do not make reasonable adjustments for staff experiencing menopause symptoms”, the UK’s equality watchdog has warned. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) today published new guidance on menopause in the workplace, setting out employers’ legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

James Townsend, Employment Law Expert, comments “As a team we have been working with larger employers who have implemented specific policies giving guidance on menopause in the workplace to managers and staff. Recent EHRC guidance will give further clarity on employer obligations in relation to menopause at work.”

Employment Law is a complex and fast-developing area in which employers and employees benefit from fair and effective management. Employment Law may seem like a minefield to employers as they endeavor to adopt and implement fair processes and avoid the pitfalls potentially giving rise to employment claims. Our Team at Payne Hicks Beach, co-lead by James Townsend, are on hand to guide employers through any of these areas, advise on procedure, help to quell escalating disputes, and help to avoid successful claims being made. Get in touch here

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