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31 August 2023

Government confirms equal pay law to be retained – George Clough comments for Benefits Expert

Associate in our Employment Department,  George Clough, commented for the Benefits Expert Blog on the Government’s commitment to ensuring equal pay protection will remain under UK Law.

George adds, “It is positive that the government is now committed to ensuring that equal pay protections will remain under UK law. Equal pay legislation offers an important protection for female employees and a mechanism by which they can challenge their employers when they are paid less than their male colleagues for ‘equal work’; that is like work, work that is rated equivalently or work of equal value.

“While these claims may be complicated to prove as they require detailed analysis and comparison of the exact nature and value of roles of individuals or groups, the fact that they have a six-month limitation period, as opposed to the usual three months for sex discrimination and most other employment claims is helpful for claimants. Moreover, the fact that awards of back pay for up to six years can be made means that they are potentially significantly valuable claims.”

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