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Estate and Succession Planning Solicitors

We act for individuals, families, estates, trusts, family businesses, educational establishments, museums and charities. We aim to build long term relationships with clients and for families these often span several generations. A key feature of the way we work is that partners have regular and direct involvement with clients.

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"A strong name, which gives people comfort. Excellent attention to detail covering large complex matters with lawyers giving calm well-considered advice" Chambers HNW

We advise on a wide range of issues that may affect our clients. A core element of our work is helping clients to preserve and manage their wealth for their own benefit and for that of future generations.

While many of our clients are based in the UK, a significant number are overseas or have overseas interests and we advise on a variety of offshore and international matters.


We have partners able to communicate in several languages including French, Italian and Danish and with our many connections with lawyers outside the UK we are experienced in co-ordinating tax and legal advice from different countries.

We are able to call on expertise from other departments of the firm to provide a wide ranging service to our clients on all aspects of their affairs. We will also liaise with other professional advisers, including accountants, bankers, land agents, investment managers and financial advisers to provide a comprehensive and seamless service.

Payne Hicks Beach’s private client team is ranked in Chambers HNW 2021. Quotes include, “they’re always very efficient, they give good advice and they are easy to deal with…their advice is clear, objective and understandable.” A source says, “you can tell that they care about their clients by looking at the quality of their work product…they take the time to address all questions to make sure everyone at the table understands what is going on. They go above and beyond. They’re a fantastic firm.”